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Roxanich Malvazijica

Roxanich Malvazijica, 2012

Country: Croatian
Region: Istria
Year: 2012
Type: White wine
Grape: Malvasia

A rustic, traditional wine that you fall in love with from the moment you put your nose in the glass! While many winemakers fail miserably when making "orange" wines by over-macerating the grapes and losing the varietal's characteristics, Mladen Rožanić made this "Malvazijica," a Croatian term for "baby Malvasia," by macerating it for 6 days and aging it in only inox tanks, keeping the wine incredibly fresh and youthful. Not filtered, with minimal sulfites added only at bottling, the wine has aromas of cider, overripe pears and grapefruit, and almonds. In the mouth it is extraordinary, with a stunningly attractive structure and a mid-palate that lingers on, with touches of fine tannins, subtle spices, and a delightful and elegant salty-bitter, slightly oxidized, finish. Orange wine perfection!