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Premium France Corse Wine, 2005

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Zaic Cvicek, 2012

The Zajc family is known in Slovenia as one of the best and most ecological-friendly Cviček producers. Cviček is in many regards considered to be the “national wine” of Slovenia, as it has tremendous historical significance. Known as the “people’s” wine due to its easy consumption, low alcohol, and food-friendly pairings with virtually anything, Cviček got its origins throughout history as Slovenia’s were always made out to be as second-class citizens in the various empires that conquered them. The often poor Slovene farmers were forced to make wine with the grapes they had in their small vineyards. Thus, a cult-wine was born! Known for its specific and unique acidity, playful – yet sour – berry and cherry aroma and taste, the wine is certainly crisp (don’t let the low alcohol food you!), light-bodied, mineral-driven, young, fresh, and definitely easy to drink – which is why we put it in a liter bottle for you!

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